Les Cabottes is France’s first tiny house hotel in France. Our idea: install little wood houses right in front of the vineyard, far from the city’s noise, enabling you to unplug during a stunning stay.


Red Cabotte

The lover’s cocoon


Green Cabotte

The eco-friendly shelter


Blue Cabotte

All comfort under the stars

Yellow Cabotte

The tribe’s hideout


Let’s be blunt, we are France’s first tiny house hotel! Our idea: install little wood houses right in front of the vineyards, far from the city’s noise, to enable you to unplug during a stunning stay. On the agenda: Read the book that has been waiting on your bedside table for a while, drink a delightful glass of wine (of Burgundy, obviously), ride a bike to enjoy the cycle path next door, or simply relax in your private nordic bath


We discovered these little wooden houses during a US trip 5 years ago. At first sight, we fell in love with their adorable outside aspect and then were astonished when we came inside. Putting it simply: every square centimeter was analyzed and optimized with a great deal of ingeniosity, turning the doll house into a spacious cocoon. In a nutshell, the tiny house combines the child’s spirit of a cabin, allowing everyone to reconnect with his/her inner child, but also the comfort and the luxury of a real house.


Enough with anglicisms, here we call the tiny houses “Cabottes”. And to build these little cosy nests, we chose to work with two French builders, relying only on local materials: Cahute and Optinid. For example, our little houses are made in Burgundian pine and the paints are natural with some ocres that also come from… Burgundy, of course!